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Make LVM snapshot size configurable for backups

Currently, when a backup is created, a LVM snapshot of the disk is made. This snapshot has the same size as the original.

This means you need to leave a *lot* of free space on each data store. Since a backup will complete in a relatively short amount of time, the snapshot will never fill for more than a few percent.

So, I'd like to have smaller LVM snapshots when taking backups. Perferably a configurable percentage of the original disk size.


Lvm snapshot`s Create as full disk size. One moment 3-4 backup from one storage used 500-700 GB and more (As sum disks from VM) its not good practices.

May be time create this function ?

IMHO Better create snapshot by its logic

1. Disk size <10 gb => snapshot equal Disk Size

2. Disk size between 10 and 100GB 10-15 % Disk Size (configurable ?)

3. Disk more then 100Gb => snapshot 5% Disk Size (configurable ?)

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AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Kristian Rønningen commented  · 

    It is also possible to configure LVM to automatically extend snapshot volumes when they are nearing full, so I agree that there is no need to create the initial snapshot of the same size as the live volume.

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