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Enable KVM HyperV Enlightenments

Implement a setpf features xml sub tree of a started windows VM in KVM for onapp that KVMs HyperV extensions/enlightenments are turned on, I would like to request unless I missing something that you enable these in KVM on windows VMs

More info here for example:


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AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • n commented  · 

    Couldnt it be included in a hotfix for 6.0 so that we, who only run LTS releases, can benefit from it?

    As this is a standard and well proven feature of KVM it shouldnt be that much of a risk.

  • AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) commented  · 

    Our development team is working to add KVM HyperV Enlightenments for new and existing(after a reboot) Windows VS’s on KVM CentOS 7 Compute Resources. It will be available in one of the upcoming edge releases ready for preview.

  • n commented  · 

    This would be a great addition and I believe that I allready got some response from the dev team to include this in future update

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