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OnappVPS WHMCS module presets & configuration options ability

The issue is that with your OnappVPS WHMCS module, we have created VPS plans with preset CPU,memory,primary disk size, CPU shares, swap disk size, port speed, and included IPs. The module supports configuration options, which is good to allow us to allow the customer to order more IPs, CPU share, Memory and port speed if they want/need it during the a new order or VM upgrade process. The issue is that the module errors out when doing this, and according to developers you told them to program it like this, so it either has to be preset and the user cannot add more or its configurable to the user and not preset. Its one way or the other and it cannot be both, which is what we need. To have VPS plans that come with X amount of stuff and if the user needs 2 more of X, they can order it. With the current module, its not possible. If needed we can provide a Diff file to fix this issue to add to your code so we dont have to fix it every time an update comes out.

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