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Safe delete resources

We regularly face one issue: users or our employees under certain circumstances delete all the resources.

Situation 1:
user creates a server, sets the back-ups on it and everything works good. Once he decides to delete the server. All the back-up are being deleted with the server, as the user didn't read the notification that they will be deleted.

Situation 1a:
All the above mentioned actions are made not by the user, but by a violator, who fit or stole a password, or even by an offended contractor.

Situation 2:
An employee deletes the account. And after this all the data, including back-ups, templates and servers , is deleted.

Yes, we do understand that in both cases the system did everything right, but the client's data is gone and we can not restore it.

What I would like to suggest:

To customize Safe Delete in the administrative part. By deleting a resource/user, the new owner is set. For example, a service user (that is seen in a log, so that we could find all the necessary data) and the task is set for the planner to delete the data fully in X days.

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  • Ivan Semernik commented  · 

    There also can be Situation 3: when the customer just didn't know what backups are)). He just need his data back after he removed VM with all the backups.

    It would be perfect to have an option in Backups Settings like: do not actually delete backup, just mark it as 'has been deleted' and schedule for automatic actual removal after N days.

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