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Clone Virtual Servers

We'd like to have a feature in OnApp that allows for cloning servers. Every other virtualization solution offers this. The basic workflow would be:

1. Go to the Virtual Machine details page

2. Click on Tools > VS Options > Clone Virtual Server

3. Select the new settings for the new Virtual Server (hostname, IPs, etc)

4. The server is cloned under the same user's account so now the user has two identical servers except for hostname and IPs and whatever other specs he chose to change (CPUs, hard disk space).

The current workflow is too cumbersome. We have to make a backup of the source server, create a template from the backup, and deploy it to a new server. There are times when we need to untar the template file and change some things, or we end up with many custom templates we can't delete because they are associated to these new servers.

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