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Full Backup Download

Ability to create, download and upload full VM backups for multiple reasons.

On the one hand, if a new OnApp version is released, we would like to download and keep the necessary VMs safe and then upload them again to the new version.

On the other hand, our customers could kepp their VMs safe wherever they want without the need to trust our backup systems fully.

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AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • ben commented  · 

    Open Virtual machine Format (OVF) files can contain a digital signature that has been applied by the OnApp control panel during download. If the only OVF files that the customer is permitted to upload are ones that can be proven to have been provided by the same CP server, then the risk should be minimal.

    Also, if the customer decides they need to use the image themselves later someplace else, they can choose to ignore signature checking on whatever hypervisors they have full control over.

    Lastly, since OVF is in a tar file format which provides early on a header with the expected length of the file, it should be easy to sanity check any attempts to under-run or over-run the disk image during the upload.

  • Ходоренко Михаил commented  · 

    use cases:
    1. User work on cloud and need have backup in own side
    2. User work in cloud and stop work which plan return after some time
    3. User not need pay for not used backup/templates

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