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swap partition to local disks

would be perfect to have the option to store the Swap partition to local disks,
Like you create a VM and you give 40GB root partition 8 GB Swap partition on the beginning, would be really perfect if we can assign the local resources for the swap partition(not using the storage)
since live migration on datastore are available this should not be a big problem..

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senol.colak shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • senol.colak commented  · 

    in your options 1 and 3 looks better, actually removing the default auto configuration for swap would be really helpful. (best is to remove swap option totally)

    Onapp should not deal with the Swap partition operations,

  • AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) commented  · 

    I see benefits of this, however we require more feedback as I see at least three ways how this can be implemented.
    1) We leave all as is, but make swap disk creation optional.
    2) Swap as a partition. This is part of a bigger feature that would allow us to manage partitions inside VSs.
    3) Swap as a file on root or any other partition. Can be made with loop files or swapspace etc.

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