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File Level Backup Restore

The Linux backups are already stored uncompressed. You should provide a feature to restore specific files or directories within the backup instead of requiring a full server restore.

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kevin.barber shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • senol.colak commented  · 

    What I mean with Borgbackup is that, stock Onapp Backup system is using Linux tar for the backup operation, onapp can easily replace Onapp Backup (literally Tar) with Borg Backup, since they are both CLI on linux,,
    The End users will not see the difference but can restore files directly from the backups and can reach the history of backup files..

  • kevin.barber commented  · 

    It would be a good feature to add file level restore with the stock OnApp backup system. Users could choose to only restore a specific file/directory instead of reverting back to a full VM backup.

    Providing support for additional tools such as borgbackup would be beneficial but adds another layer of complexity.

  • senol.colak commented  · 

    I will change the suggestion a bit, please give support for "borgbackup", that will solve this problem since you can get the list with no extract,

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