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Kubernetes (K8S) support

Kubernetes support needs a different approach than standard VS operations. Here are the required functionalities.

1. Default current image for Rancher, CoreOS, Centos Atomic (The images needs to be downloaded directly from the repos, no need to keep the image disks). No backup no setting IP is required for the VM's you only need to mount CD with cloudinit script so the VM will have the required parameters. (ip, hostname, key, user, pass)
2. CloudINIT support (edit cloudinit config for image operations)
3. flexVolume support by onapp, so persistent disks can be provided to the pods,
4. ability to use local disks for ContainerOS, they use overlay disks so latency is very important and they are temporary, can be deleted when shutdown. We should be able to use SSD's for storing the ContainerOS

5. ingress Nginx/HA proxy support, able to be configured from onapp also to divert network to other VS which are not part of the K8S cluster.

6. Backup ability for the persistent volumes

Optional (but will be a killer feature)
7. Scalability, able to create new K8S nodes and add them to the K8S cluster via the Onapp api, like after creating a new ContainerOS the Master should issue "kubeadm join new-creted-vs", so autoscale would work immediately.


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senol.colak shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • operating commented  · 

    Hi Roman,
    we have per week 1 or 2 Kubernetes request, and one kubernetes installation means at least 10-20 VM's currently we try to find solutions with other tools, or we position public cloud providers as our solutions. I don't know how can I increase importance or make you believe that this is a very very very killer feature request..
    if you ask to your customers about this subject, I think you will see how important it is ..

  • AdminRoman Strazhnyk (Product Manager, OnApp) commented  · 

    Thanks for taking the time for this detailed description. We appreciate that much. We would like to see more supporters, so we can prioritize and move this to R&D. And thanks again for sharing your ideas.

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