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Auto-assign customer specific IPv6 pools to a customer UID

The OnApp administrator should be able to optionally select creation of IPv6 UIDs which will designate the pool that the customer can select all IPv6 addresses from for the life of their OnApp account.

So, for example, let's say OnApp is assigned an entire IPv6 pool of 1:2:3:4::/64

Then also, for example, John Smith is provided a new customer account with OnApp. At creation of the account the control panel server assigns him a random 32-bit UID of a1b2c3d4.

From that point forward, all IPv6 addresses offered to Mr Smith should be from 1:2:3:4:a1b2:c3d4::/96

There should never be a possibility of an IPv6 conflict with a different customer's IPv6 pool and any network abuse should be easy to track back to Mr Smith's pool if required.

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