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Put VMs in suspended state when a User is suspended. Do not stop VM.

We would like the VMs of suspended users not to be stopped, but instead suspended.

The reason for this is when a user runs out of credits, the user is suspended and their VM is powered off. However when they add credits, the VM stays powered off. This results in angry clients and extra support tickets to investigate and start their server again.

Please change this to make VMs be put in a suspended state when a user is suspended and have VMs unsuspended when the user adds more credits.

KVM supports this via "virsh suspend and resume"

API Call for Suspended VM: https://docs.onapp.com/apim/latest/virtual-servers/suspend-vs

API Call for un-suspend VM: https://docs.onapp.com/apim/latest/virtual-servers/unsuspend-vs

If you guys don't want to change this, please create a setting that allows administrator to choose which method works best for them.

Thank You.

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